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The Rules of Caribbean Poker

The rules of Caribbean poker are not difficult, but they differ quite a bit from traditional poker. Unlike traditional poker games, Caribbean poker is not played amongst a group of players competing for their share of a communal pot. Players compete against the house, trying to beat the dealer's hand to qualify for certain established and expected payouts.

Initial Betting in Caribbean Poker

In traditional poker games, players bet against each other, raising and calling one another's bets to stay in the game. Only one person wins the total contents of the pot, while everyone else loses their bet. In Caribbean poker, it's possible for all players to walk away with winnings. Players first place an ante bet to get their cards. They each receive 5 facedown cards from the dealer, while the dealer receives 4 facedown and one face-up card. If the player wants to play, then he or she must call the bet and double the ante.

Playing the Game

Once players have called the bet, the dealer reveals whether or not he has a qualifying hand. The dealer must have at least an Ace-King or higher hand in order to play. If the dealer's hand is invalid, all the players get their call bets back. If the dealer does qualify, the game continues and players reveal their own hands. If the player has a hand that is better than the dealer, the house pays out according to how good that player's hand is.

The rules of Caribbean Poker are pretty straightforward, and players can easily pick it up and play. They should always consult the relevant pay tables to see exactly what each hand will pay out.